The away day. The development event. There’s a reason that your staff tend to dread them.

If it isn’t Death by Powerpoint, it’s some enforced jollity involving rafts… and if there’s too much entertainment, how do you know if it will produce business results? Time for training and staff development is, like life itself, very short. So don’t waste it. You all deserve better.


Playing With Purpose

Ruby Red Coaching & Consulting believes in playing for results.

Playing is powerful.

Playing, or being playful in approach, brings new possibilities, new perspectives, new ideas. The qualities we hone on the playground – socialisation, creativity, collaboration – are precisely the skills we need in the workplace…and they can always use a top-up. Playing together unlocks a potent synergy. If you think the time for playing is over, or that you’re too old to do it, then you’re just limiting yourself.

Of course, the schoolyard has rules, otherwise the result would be chaos. Truly productive play has structure. While play is usually fun, it’s seldom ever frivolous. The literature on play is in agreement on this fact: play always serves a purpose.

This is exactly what Ruby Red provides – Playing with Purpose.

The Playing with Purpose workshops, tailored for businesses and private clients, rock clear, transformational outcomes. Using a combination of right brain creativity and left brain rationality, I help reveal the productive sweet spot that thrives in-between. I transform each workshop into a development experience that’ll kick those old-school training and brainstorm sessions in the ass.

Ruby Red does fun, but don’t be fooled by the froufrou… there is hard science behind everything Ruby Red Coaching & Consulting does. There is a rock-solid business case and objective rationale for Playing With Purpose. Want to find out more, give us a call. We’d love to share our thoughts with you.

Among my techniques and certifications, I am a qualified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator. You can read all about this AWESOME meeting, team building and problem-solving method here.

Wherever you are in your journey and whatever your budget, I offer workshops and resources that will help you, your teams and your organisation improve your opportunities to connect, create and innovate.

Corporate Workshops and Seminars

All of my workshops are custom-designed for you and your business. Here are a few of the topics and challenges some of my clients and I have recently tackled together:

Enhancing communication and collaboration across teams

Injecting creativity and innovation into daily work and problem solving

Shaping corporate purpose, vision, values and the strategies to get there

Managing and improving difficult relationships with clients or colleagues

Designing organizational change

Becoming authentic leaders

Facilitating external meetings

Developing human-centred line management

Aligning personal passions with corporate vision

Managing stress and navigating through conflict

Motivating and inspiring individuals and teams

Refining communication skills including message development, presentation and media relations

Public Workshops & Seminars

Access to learning, development and inspiration shouldn’t be left to the whim of company policies and budgets. I offer a range of thought provoking workshops and seminars that are accessible to everybody.

Scheduling and booking details will be posted shortly. Please check back soon for updates.

Most Recent Keynote and Guest Lecturer

Strategic Planning in Media and Stakeholder Communications for the Health Communications Association (HCA)