I believe that everyone has the right to enjoy/excel in their work and the responsibility to find a way of doing so.

When an individual or group finds their MOJO, they hit their professional sweet spot. It’s that moment when creative electricity flows seamlessly throughout their working experience into their personal lives and straight back into their work again. It’s the juice that turns a job into a vocation. A career into a love affair. A company into a market leader. When MOJO is in play exceptional performance and outcomes are inevitable.


My passion is helping individuals, teams and organizations to Create Working Lives Worth Living.

By mobilising their MOJO, my clients are able to do more of the work they’ve always wanted to do, the way they’ve always wanted to do it. Personal and business success is more than an accidental by-product. I do this through a unique mix of senior business experience, communications and creative expertise combined with training in psychology, neurology and behavioural change.


My Services Include…

Coaching: My coaching work is based on a human-centered, whole person approach to addressing career, business and creative challenges. Current coaching assignments include personal and professional development, leadership and team development, transition and change, business partnership and more. (read more…)

Consulting: Think of me as a mixture of business strategist, catalyst and creative ally. I provide business owners, leaders and solopreneurs with senior strategic counsel in business development (internal & externally focused); branding, communications, engagement and change. (read more…)

Workshops: I design development and training workshops for public and corporate participation. Based on a foundation of creativity and fun, these are developmental experiences aiming to kick old school training events in the arse! (read more…)

If you’re ready to click together your own Ruby Red slippers and unleash the MOJO that already exists within you, your team and your organization – let me help you get in touch.