What is MOJO?

MOJO is one of those words that’s shifted in meaning many times down the years. Throughout the modern age however, it has given a name to something unnamable: a knack, a sudden unconscious ability, seeing and seizing a moment when everything comes together.

A quality, often elusive, that sets a person apart from everyone else.


Others might call it flow, some your passion, others “the buzz” or being “in the zone”. I call it your MOJO. You’ve experienced it before… creative juices are gushing, your intellect is on fire and success seems easier to reach. There’s electricity flowing seamlessly from your work, to your relationships, to your hobbies, back to you and into your work again. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle of creativity, productivity, fun and achievement – you’ve found your MOJO and it feels great.

MOJO can be elusive and hard to replicate once the spell is broken. While some believe it comes about by accident, it usually appears in a perfect storm of like-minded people using all of their resources focused on the same PURPOSE, empowered to embrace their PASSIONS and fulfilling their POTENTIAL.

“MOJO can be elusive and hard to replicate once the spell is broken.”

Teams and individuals hanker for these moments, even if they aren’t sure how to create them. Healthy organisations want the same thing: a motivated and happy workforce, at the peak of their MOJO, achieving their best – productivity and profit

Sometimes our MOJO can get tired, lost, disillusioned or confused. You might need a little help to get back on track. That’s where I come in. To find your own pair of Ruby Red slippers, get in touch.


MOJO Origins

The word MOJO comes from Hoo doo, a fusion of African and Native American religion, tradition and superstition. Originating in the name “fula mocó o”, the medicine man, MOJO has meant a magic charm, spell or amulet. More recently the word has re-entered popular culture to mean anything from sexual prowess to personal magnetism.