Your MOJO may be lost, misguided or lying dormant in a gutter somewhere. But if it’s niggling at you to find it and set it free, then congratulations. You know you have something to work with. That’s what brought you to this site. You’re in good company.

I work with open minded, creative, innovative and aspiring individuals and business leaders like you. These people are looking to grasp and control their MOJO – with PURPOSE, PASSION & POTENTIAL and to create working lives worth living, for themselves and their teams.



Many of the People I Work With…:

  • Are looking to create, articulate and implement a clear vision for themselves and their business
  • Know they want something bigger, better, more, different, but they don’t know what that something is or how to get it – just yet
  • Long to feel creatively and passionately inspired about whatever it is that they do
  • Are looking for an ideal ‘work life balance’ – but know that these things flow together seamlessly rather than existing as separate, competitive entities
  • Have the energy of an ox when achieving anything except what they really want or need
  • Are experiencing the challenges of leadership and solo entrepreneurship
  • Want to inspire, lead and develop others
  • Are ready to take the next step in their career, business, creative practice or life’s mission and need help moving from vision to reality
  • Are ready to be paid and recognised for what they’re really worth.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Whatever your reasons, I will work in partnership with you. I’ll give you the space to test ideas and try out new thinking – no matter how obscure or zany – exploring all possibilities without fear of failure or judgement.