Regardless of what the sceptics say, organisations aren’t soulless machines.  They are the sum of the human hopes, dreams, aspirations and expectations of the people who work there. It’s this human component that creates the corporate culture.

If the staff can find their MOJO (i.e. their purpose and passions) within it, then the company can succeed and grow. The power of successful Corporate MOJO is everywhere:

Why do companies like Google regularly receive over 1 million job applications annually – especially when they’re said to reject 99.5% of them? Why do candidates keep trying?

Why do musicians rehearse week in, week out and never miss a rehearsal – even when they’re still playing to a crowd of one?

What is it that drives a team to work holidays, late nights and weekends to make sure they get the best results – even if they won’t get paid for the extra effort?


It’s the quality of the shared professional experience – that unspoken something, a je ne sais quoi – the ‘feeling’ that the individuals experience while working within the group. Every employee can recognise when it’s missing, but few can describe it when it’s there – that is the Corporate MOJO.

The benefits of good Corporate MOJO for a business are fairly obvious, but try these on for size:

  • More staff showing up for work – more of the time
  • Greater creativity, collaboration and innovation
  • Increased employee and client retention
  • Enhanced customer experience and increased customer engagement
  • Improved recruitment among the best candidates in your industry
  • A greater sense of personal ownership & responsibility amongst your staff
  • Improved health and well-being
  • Improved entrepreneurial skills among your leaders
  • Improved staff management and development
  • More efficiency, productivity and profitability
  • More fun!

The positive benefits for an organisation are plentiful and they all have a positive effect on your bottom-line. However the benefits for the individual employee are even greater. The average person spends around 80,000 hours at work over their lifetime. What would it mean to know you could spend the majority of that time working in a healthy, happy, resourceful, creative and collaborative environment?  You’d probably never leave. You’d also try your hardest to do the best work of your career right there, rather than anywhere else, right?

As for your clients, everybody recognises MOJO working when they see it. They’ll want in on it too and to go on working with you as long as it’s around.

Ruby Red Coaching & Consulting has an experienced track record helping organisations to find, create and sustain their Corporate MOJO – creating a working life worth living for everyone. Contact us now to find out how we can help you and your teams unleash their MOJO too.