“A life worth living doesn’t exist along a flat plain – ‘in balance’. A good life has its peaks and troughs. It has the strength and flexibility to swing with the bad, then spring toward the good without snapping or losing shape.”
Anne-Marie Rodriguez de Killeen

People often talk about achieving their ideal life work balance – usually meaning less work and more life – as if they were completely separate entities.  What people really want is the time and opportunity to do more of the things they love doing, with the people they most enjoy doing them with. For many, their work – the job that pays their wages – provides the best vehicle to achieve this, so striving for the stereotypical life work balance isn’t going to do the job.

The key to truly effective life work balance is integration. By fulfilling all parts of your life you move into a state of…some call it flow, some your passion, others the buzz or being in the zone. We call it your MOJO. You’ve experienced it before…creative juices are gushing, your intellect is on fire and success is easier to reach. There’s electricity flowing seamlessly from your work, to your relationships, to your hobbies, to you and back into your work again. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle of creativity, productivity, fun and success – you’ve found your MOJO and it feels great.

A truly healthy organization wants the same things: a motivated and happy workforce, at the peak of their MOJO, achieving their best and making a profit at the same time. An integrated, balanced life can be a complicated life and sometimes our MOJO can get tired, lost, disillusioned or confused. You need a little help, a pair of Ruby Red slippers, to get back on track.