I’m not that old, but I am old enough to have a full(ish) life to look back upon. I’m wise enough too, to recognise the acts of kindness and support given to me throughout my life by friends, family and even strangers.

Cumulatively these have shaped my opportunities, experience and good fortunes. I am forever grateful for their efforts. While I may never have the chance to repay all those kindnesses directly, I can and do ‘pay it forward’ to others whenever I can.


Fundamentally, I believe that coaching and other forms of personal development should be available to everyone. Each quarter, I try to provide at least one person or organisation with a comprehensive package of 4-6 individual coaching sessions. Sometimes these are given away in online competitions via our FaceBook page. Other times, they are offered to people I meet along the way who express a need or desire for coaching, but who might not be able to afford an entire package. If you’re interested in being considered for this quarterly package, please visit my FaceBook page and blog, Mojo Working, for regular updates.

While Personal Development is a core Ruby Red service, I often tap into my full bag of expertise to provide pro bono support in business and strategy development, training, mentoring, team coaching, marketing and communications planning or financial assistance. Below are a few of the organisations with whom I’ve recently had the pleasure of supporting.


I currently provide individual coaching services for team members working with Leap Confronting Conflict. Leap works nationally with young people and adults, helping them to understand and manage the everyday conflict in their lives, and supporting them to become role models and leaders of positive change. leapconfrontingconflict.org.uk


GR8 AS U R (formally Bullying Stinkz) is a unique social enterprise committed to stopping bullying before it starts. I am honoured that they have recently invited me to be a Patron of their organization focusing on the importance of body appreciation, self-esteem and anti-bullying at work. gr8asur.com


The Healthcare Communications Association is the leading communications forum for healthcare ideas, standards and networking.  A not-for-profit membership organisation, the HCA leads debate, shapes opinions and sets the standard for best practice in healthcare communications. In addition to membership of the HCA, I deliver training in strategic healthcare communications and marketing as part of the HCA’s programme of continued education.


New Thirty Pictures is a film and TV production company based in Los Angeles and London. I had the privilege of providing the owner of this exciting start-up with regular business coaching and strategic support as she prepared for the launch of her latest film short, the multi award nominated, Boxer on the Wilderness newthirtypictures.com


Carers UK is a national charity that has been tirelessly campaigning for the rights and benefits of carers for over 50 years. Their work, particularly over the last decade, has secured significant improvements for carers and society. I was fortunate to be a Trustee for Carers UK for several years. In addition to normal Board duties and fundraising activities, I also provided the organisation with strategic communications and branding advice. carersuk.org


The HOSB is a Soho based charity that supports London’s homeless people back into work through their Employment Academy, which operates at the heart of their integrated not-for-profit members’ club. The values and mission of the HOSB resonate greatly with our own. Ruby Red Coaching & Consulting is a proud member of the HOSB, using the club’s facilities as often as possible. We hope that by encouraging our friends, colleagues and clients to support the club’s vision we can help to extend the reach of its tribe and enhance its work. hosb.org.uk

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