“Put simply, my sessions with Anne-Marie were the best investment I’ve ever made in my career…”

MB, Communications Specialist and Business Owner


“…Anne-Marie asked questions that I had never thought to ask myself and helped me to look at matters from a new perspective. I valued the way she listened, prompted me to find my own solutions to questions and empowered me to decide whether to act on any suggestions…”
Liz Baker, PhD, Editorial Director, Ogilvy Healthworld Medical Education

“With Anne-Marie’s support we developed a plan which resulted in positive change in our business. Our strategy was adopted by the Board and described as creative, refreshing and unlike anything we’d done before. 90% of the meeting participants (who answered our evaluation survey) said that the event that Anne-Marie helped us shape was EXCELLENT – with many citing it as the best of their working lives… Anne-Marie works as a genuinely collaborative advisor. She is an expert in her field but she is an expert without ego who is able to play around with ideas and solve problems creatively.”
Corporate & Internal Communications Manager within the UK pharmaceutical industry

“Great results, high integrity, creative. Anne-Marie is an insightful, inspired, motivating and focused coach who manages to make what could be a difficult process enjoyable, rewarding and effective…”
Judith More, Owner, Fil Rouge Press

“…My confidence is back where it should be and as a result, I’m bringing my best to my work. I’m loving it and therefore, I feel so much more comfortable about balancing who I am at work and at home – myself.”
Emily Day, Change & Development Consultant, Emily Day Consulting

“Anne-Marie is a trusted and powerful partner that helped take my team and our function to a new level of strategic and creative thinking. Beginning a new senior leadership role, I found a demotivated team that worked in silos, a vague remit and a business sceptical of the value of our department. I needed the support of a trusted external consultant and I turned to Anne-Marie because of her extensive experience in strategy, coupled with her unique perspective as an executive coach. She not only understood our function but was also deeply sensitive to the team’s need for reassurance and motivation during the ongoing changes. Together, we achieved a remarkable transformation within 18 months. The team now supports one another, building ideas together, each with a clear vision of the remit and an understanding of how to work together at a higher strategic level. Our work has created an amazing buzz throughout the whole organization. I can highly recommend Anne-Marie to anyone who needs a MOJO Guru!.”
Yvette Venable, Head, Global Market Access and Public Policy, of a leading Global Pharmaceutical Company

“My first coaching session with Anne-Marie was amazing. It was a life changing conversation.”

“Anne-Marie’s zest for life and boundless energy and enthusiasm, coupled with her diverse strategic communications experience were just what we needed. During a time of massive change, she was instrumental in helping motivate the team behind a shared vision and common goals…”
Dominique Jaquest, Senior Healthcare Communications Consultant

“… Anne-Marie’s natural curiosity has her listen and quickly process so that she can come up with insights that will blow you away with their depth and accuracy. This is true if she is working one on one with an individual or with a large group…”
Alexandra Boyd, Actress. Screenwriter. Director. Producer, New Thirty Productions

“I always feel inspired talking to Anne-Marie. She has a warm no-bullshit way of addressing things without appearing glib or superficial. She inspires an ‘anything is possible’ attitude.  After speaking to her I always feel full of energy and ideas on how to achieve my goals.”
Chitra Roberts, Communications Project Manager

“Coaching has reminded me of what is important to me professionally and, from my company’s perspective, positively impacted on my professional performance. “ Liz Baker, PhD, Editorial Director, Ogilvy Healthworld Medical Education

“Anne-Marie was instrumental in re-shaping the corporate culture and making training and development a central part of the Agency. While also demonstrating an infectious enthusiasm for her work.”
Julian Greene, Client Services Director in Advertising Industry

“Anne-Marie’s openness and understanding make me want to confide in her and I know that I’m not being judged… She empowers others to take control of their lives in a way I have never previously experienced.”
Olivia Keegan, Medical Education Consultant

“My confidence has sky rocketed and I’ve recently been promoted”

“Simple, impactful, fun and importantly effective… The results were immediate, far-reaching and long lasting. We have a fresh approach to leadership development that has positively impacted relationships not only internally across the wider organisation, but more importantly, with our clients. Thank you Anne-Marie.”
Dr Afua Basoah, Managing Director, Apothecom ScopeMedical

“Everybody would benefit from coaching with Anne-Marie. My life didn’t stop improving when I stopped working with her. Several years on, I still know that I am acting differently and my life is the better for her coaching.”
AP, Public Relations Consultant

“Anne-Marie has a gentle but incredibly powerful way of working. Her deep insight can lead to significant and lasting change.”
Barbara Houseman, internationally renown Voice Coach & Director

“… My confidence has sky rocketed and I’ve recently been promoted into a position I had previously never thought I was capable of… Not only has her approach helped me in my career, but it has also shown incredible benefit in my personal life…”
Samantha Stevens, Account Director, Ogilvy Healthworld Medical Education

“…She understood me quickly including the environment I work within. She challenged me which I appreciated. She has enthusiasm and an honest desire to facilitate change for the better… I love her energy… it rubs off on everyone… it’s infectious…”
Sarah Savage, Senior Medical Education Consultant

“My first coaching session with Anne-Marie was amazing. It was a life changing conversation.”
Bernard Yeboah, Financial Controller at Apothecom ScopeMedical