#ActsAtWork: Improving our workplaces and society one act of kindness at a time

People are committing Random Acts of Kindness (RAoK) all over the place. Worldwide. Right now. Why is that?

Because it feels good.

Not just emotionally, but physically too. Studies have found that the act of helping another person triggers activity in the regions of the brain involved in pleasure and reward.  That means that serving others may produce the same sort of pleasure as gratifying a personal desire.


The evidence goes on. People who volunteer are 10 times more likely to be in good health than people who don’t. Volunteering actually reduces the body’s stress and releases endorphins, the brain’s natural painkillers. You can see why the RAoK is becoming so much a part of our daily lives.

However, while we’re doing acts for friends, family and strangers, there seems to be a whole group of people we expect kindness from…but rarely remember to show kindness to. Our co-workers.


Conscious Kindness at Work: A Business Strategy for Prosperity and Humanity

We’re the same people inside or outside of the office. Therefore it should be no surprise that research has also proven that people who care about others at work are more committed, more productive, more resilient in adversity & less likely to quit their jobs. They’re happier.

Like it or loathe it, we spend more time with our co-workers than we do with anyone else in our lives. So let’s bring a little RAoK to work!

How different could your work experience be with a little more kindness in the mix? How could that kindness translate to the customer experience? Think about how great it would feel if your colleague spontaneously offered to help you finish those calls, so you could leave the office in time to catch dinner with your friends. How wonderful would it be if just the act of you saying hello to that shy colleague gave her the confidence she needed to get out of her shell and start sharing her ideas? RAoK are free, almost effortless and their ROI is priceless.


Random Acts at Work #ActsAtWork: A New Revolution for the 21st Century Workplace

The best part in this #ActsAtWork revolution is that you have all the control. No waiting around for your bosses, clients or the guy sitting next to you to start treating you with a little compassion. Committing RAoK is contagious. Once you start it, everyone around you starts doing it too – your very own positive ‘Butterfly Effect’. 


Get Involved in #ActsAtWork Movement Now 

Start your #ActsAtWork revolution today and be sure to share your actions with others via Twitter using #ActsAtWork. It’s not showing off, it’s spreading the positivity. Seeing people getting involved gives confidence to others to do the same. Let us know all about the RAoK you get up to at work and how they’ve benefited you and your recipient. Let’s see if together, we can create a new workplace revolution encouraging compassion, support and humanity. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Shake hands and say good morning to everyone you share an office with
  2. Ask how they are and wait to hear their answer – all of it
  3. Offer to stay a little later one night so one of your colleagues can go home a little earlier
  4. Give out lollipops to everyone who visits your desk…just because
  5. Bring in a picnic lunch for your colleague who’s saving money for his honeymoon
  6. Send hand written thank you cards to each of your mentors / mentees, letting them know exactly what you’ve learned from them and how it’s helped you
  7. Offer to assist the colleague with the most thankless tasks – even though it’s not in your job description
  8. Email your colleague to tell thank them for a job well done…and cc the boss
  9. Say hello to an unknown colleague walking down the corridor instead of staring, eyes down
  10. Remember your colleague’s birthdays and congratulate them in any way you see fit