Corporate change, expansion, job insecurities and poor communication are just some of the drivers which can lead to a substandard employee experience and a cycle of unsatisfactory performance.

People work at cross purposes, waste resources, get bogged down with bureaucracy and red tape. It’s no wonder innovation becomes sluggish, productivity hits the rails and no one seems interested in doing anything to make things better. Created in a corporate environment like that, what exactly do you expect for your customer’s experience?


Under these circumstances, finding and mobilizing your corporate MOJO isn’t an indulgence, it’s a business imperative.

I fundamentally believe that everybody wants to do a good job – a GREAT job. When employees have the right tools:

  • Human-centred leadership
  • A compelling vision and clear sense of purpose
  • Clear and challenging goals
  • Talented and supportive teams
  • Quality information and training
  • and a working environment that empowers play, creativity and collaboration as part of the process of innovation

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”
Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup

I work in partnership with my clients to give them the space to test ideas and try out new thinking, no matter how obscure or zany, exploring all possibilities without fear of failure or judgment.

When your employee’s experience is maximised, they become the conduit to your customer’s best experiences. My core mission is to empower teams and organisations to fulfill their true soul-satisfying potential by doing the best damn work of their careers – right now – for you. Long lasting success starts at the very core of the business – its vision, values and culture. I help businesses and their leaders reignite their MOJO and achieve success based on these three key principles:

PURPOSE: Articulating a shared strategic vision of the purpose and goals of the organisation and its brands
PASSION: Empowering a strong corporate culture based on the foundations of honest communication and shared values
POTENTIAL: Developing the suite of resources – including communication, coaching and capability development – required to achieve their potential and secure measurable and sustainable results

I can help your organisation create an empowering employee experience using a provocative combination of coaching, leadership development, training and consultancy in communication, engagement and change. Whether I’m coaching key individuals, facilitating team workshops or developing engagement strategies, I create bespoke programmes that will ignite change and inspire people across your organisation. In other words, I’ll help you work out where your ‘Kansas’ is and give you your own Ruby Red slippers to help you get there.

Reach me here to start the conversation that could change your employee and customer experience.

My Consulting Services Include:

Leadership Development

  • Leadership alignment
  • Change and transitional leadership
  • Developing authentic leadership

Team Development

  • Team vision and engagement
  • Team motivation
  • Team building design and delivery
  • Enhancing communication and collaboration

Organizational Development

  • Uncovering shared purpose, passions and goals for corporate success
  • Syncing corporate values with desired attitudes and behaviours
  • Creating and managing change
  • Aligning personal passions with corporate vision
  • Workshops and training programmes to enhance message delivery, motivation, creative inspiration and capability development
  • Business strategy development

Corporate Culture & Employee Engagement

  • Building a values-driven corporate culture
  • Cultural transformation
  • Engagement strategies for internal and external stakeholders
  • Aligning internal communications for impact and behavioural change
  • Creating passionate employee brand ambassadors
  • Internal branding and communications