Why call it Ruby Red Coaching & Consulting?

We’ve seen the movie…Dorothy clicks her Ruby Red slippers three times and repeats, “There’s no place like home”. When she opens her eyes again she’s back in Kansas in her beloved Auntie Em’s house, surrounded by all the people and things that she loves the most… If only it were that easy.


We all long for Ruby Red slippers of our own, which we can click together and magically propel ourselves into our desired reality. However, as Dorothy learned, the power to get her home didn’t lie with the Ruby Red slippers. The power to get what she wanted was always within her. The slippers just helped her along her journey.

You too have the power, your MOJO, to get what you want from your personal, professional and creative experiences. Ruby Red Coaching & Consulting has years of experience working with individuals, teams and organisations helping them to find their purpose, ignite their passions and achieve their goals and success.

If you want to learn more about unleashing your personal MOJO, or helping your company activate theirs, get in touch.