I have over 20 years’ professional experience spanning TV production, Government Affairs, Public Relations, Health Policy, Advocacy and Marketing in Healthcare, as well as Personal and Organizational Development.


I believe great leaders must practice what they preach and I’ve spent the last decade carefully crafting a working life worth living, on my own terms. This has involved maintaining a MOJO inspired portfolio career fuelled by surround sound creativity and the pursuit of humanity in business.

I’m a woman who marches to her own drumbeat, but when necessary I know how to pull on my big girl pants and the obligatory C-suite power suit. I’ve held board-level positions within some of the world’s premier healthcare communications agencies, including OgilvyHealthWorld and Chandler Chicco Agency. I know, first hand, the challenges that come with trying to lead a business in a highly competitive and regulated environment – all the while trying to remain profitable to your shareholders, engaging to your staff and true to yourself.

“I’m a woman who marches to her own drumbeat, but when necessary I know how to pull on my big girl pants and the obligatory C-suite power suit.”

Focused, Energetic, funny, inspirational and unconventional are some of the words used to describe my working style. I can’t help myself. I love my work. I love my life. It shows, so sue me. Creativity and ‘playing with purpose’ are values that run through my core – like letters through a stick of rock. I believe they are key to innovation, engagement and well-being. In other words, they’re key to our personal and mutual success – so don’t fight it!

I’ve been coaching clients privately and corporately for over 10 years. Back when I was the only dedicated in-house coach in the UK healthcare communications industry, I realised the true power of unleashing one’s MOJO and its value to our customers. So in 2009, I founded Ruby Red Coaching & Consulting to pursue my personal mission – to revolutionise the way in which we work and live. My aim is to help people and businesses mobilise their MOJO so that they can do more of the work they’ve always wanted to do, the way they’ve always wanted to do it. I help people create working lives worth living through a provocative combination of coaching, consulting, training and inspiration.

 My work drives my MOJO and my MOJO fulfils my life. I’m looking to collaborate with other MOJO Mobilisers, to spread ideas that make people think, empower art that moves hearts and create work that revolutionises lives. So if you’re ready to lead your own revolution, call me!

Relevant Qualifications & Credentials

  • NLP Master Practitioner, ITS, London, UK
  • Coaching Certification, Coaching Development, London, UK
  • Certificate in Organizational Relationship and Systems Coaching Fundamentals, CRR Global Inc
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Member International Coaching Federation
  • Member, European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  • Member & Guest Trainer, Healthcare Communications Association, UK


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